Franceska & Dan

"I rave about your work to everyone I know. You were the best vendor choice I made by far. So happy that we hired Kemari Lyn Films. I couldn't imagine having that perfect day and it not being captured by the talented and caring team that is Kemari and Jacob. They were there from the start of the day to the end, excited to be there and actively capturing all the love going on. Jacob shadowed the groom's party in the morning while Kemari shadowed the bride's party, everything ran very smoothly as if they had been doing this together for a decade. My husband said that they had a great time hanging out with Jacob. I am so glad we did a walk through of our venue with them to scout out shooting locations, worked out beautifully.

We really wanted a fresh creative approach to wedding videography and Kemari had just graduated from the renowned FSU Film School. I knew their program was very rigorous and that she would be well trained in her arts. She was that and much more; her love of wedding videography shines through everything she does. Kemari was very encouraging and prompt through the whole process of planning. I knew that she would never let me down. Some of our family was not able to attend our wedding and I am thrilled they can still share in our day by watching the films." 
—Franceska D. {Bride}