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Our goal is to enrich your marriage through wedding films that will bring you back to those moments of undeniable joy, deeply rooted intimacy, and wildly alive love. 

"Kemari is passionate about weddings & making your day special, and this is truly evident in her work. Your wedding day goes by so quickly and because of Kemari, we will be able to relive those wonderful wedding moments for years to come." 
—Loren Womack {bride}

Our Heart

Through the ups and downs, your wedding films can be a reminder of how much you truly love each other and that your love is always worth fighting for. Not only do we want to document and showcase your stunning wedding itself, but even more so, the love and intimacy you as a couple share that led you to this big day and the people who helped shaped you.

Seriously, your wedding day will seem to fly by and we want you to be able to preserve those memories long after the day is done. Nothing brings you back to that special day quite like wedding films do. Photos are 100% amazing (we love them so much), but with your wedding videos you can also actually see those memories in motion and hear them audibly over and over! Motion and story driven audio are just so unique to films and they’re the powerful things that will really transport you and your loved ones back to that day for generations.

Love, Kemari & Jacob

P.S. To give our couples the best service, we book a limited number of 20 weddings a year.
Dates book up quickly, so reach out soon!