Happy Valentine's Day // North & Central Florida Wedding Videographer

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! Here's just a little recap of what Jacob and I did for Valentine's Day this year. πŸ’• Well we typically celebrate Valentine's Day a day or two beforehand (mostly because of the busyness the day of). So on Sunday, I was feeling pretty under the weather due to allergies. Ugh. πŸ˜· Jacob being the sweetheart he is, he went to the store and bought me Claritin to help with my annoying allergies. When he came home, he handed me the allergy meds and asked if I wanted my Valentine's gift early. I tossed back and forth and then just said yessss I do hehe. As a side note, we keep our Christmas tree up year round haha It's a small little tree in the corner of our living room that we end up just using for decoration and a fun little twinkle in the corner of the room. ✨ Also, when we get each other gifts, we always pull them from under our tree haha. Anyway, back to the story, so Jacob pulled out a gift that was underneath our Christmas tree, and he hands it to me. Aww!! It was such a cute little gift bag covered in puppies and hearts. πŸΆπŸ’• As you may or may not know, I am a total lover of dogs! They are seriously the cutest animals (along with horses...I've ridden for years). Anyway, I'm a dog fanatic, so Jacob made my Valentine's Day gift puppy themed! So fun! It included a sweet card, chocolates (with a cute chocolate lab on the front), and a chocolate lab puppy plush toy. My dream pup is a lab either a chocolate or a silver lab would be my dream haha. So it was pretty sweet of him and made my day! Then Jacob and I literally binge watched Netflix for about 5 hours, drank wine, and ate chocolates. πŸ· It was a sweet time! 

The next day, we worked as usual and then we went out to eat. Nowhere romantic haha because we both were craving a Tallahassee local restaurant called Midtown Caboose. Now I'm a vegetarian, and this is a burger joint, but they have some delicious gourmet veggie burgers as well as their regular patties. It hit the spot haha I was so hungry that day and it was a fun little time to go out with my love. Afterwards, we again kinda sorta went to a binge watching Netflix time. Ooops. haha We love our Netflix! 

On actual Valentine's Day, Jacob and I went to a fun murder mystery dinner party. It was super fun and I did not suspect the right person who actually committed the crime in the game haha. Those are pretty hard to get right, but still so fun to do! I know it's not a typical Valentine's Day celebration, but hey it was a good time! Thanks so much for reading, friends! 
Love, Kemari

Check out some of our photos from our shoot with Red Fly Studio!

kemari lyn films // tallahassee, north & Central florida, south georgia wedding videographer
kemari lyn films // wedding videographer tallahassee and north and central florida
kemari lyn films // wedding videographer tallahassee and north and central florida and south georgia
kemari lyn films // tallahassee and north florida wedding videographer

Photos of us by: Red Fly Studio

Aww and check out what my hubby got me for Valentine's Day! 

valentines day // tallahassee wedding videographer

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