Nora & Pat // Love Story Engagement Film // Tallahassee Videographer


Nora & Pat // Love Story Engagement Film

A beautiful, sunny summer day with nice tree coverage for shade was simply perfect for shooting Nora and Pat's Love Story Engagement Film. A location with flowers and greenery everywhere is definitely my cup of tea. Anyway, I am not going to get into all the details of how they met and how he proposed, because it's best to hear it from the couple themselves. And you can do so when you watch this engagement film. Yay for video! I am instead going to focus on talking about the inspiring love they have. 

Right here is a genuine and sweet couple that compliment each other very well. Not only are Nora and Pat a fun and humorous pair, but they are also extremely loving and caring people. I love that they are so excited for their wedding day, but even more so, they are excited to call each other husband and wife. They look towards marriage and celebrate the work and commitment that goes into it. When these two are together, you can see sparks fly. Figuratively of course. I mean, can't ya see the way they look at each other! It's so stinkin' sweet. ❤️ 

When I was speaking with Nora the day of the shoot, she was telling me how they want to be the couple that lasts. They want to be stick together through the good times and the bad. They don't want to let anything get in the way of their marriage. This is marriage. Being with the person you love until the very end, no matter what. Working through things, all the while reminding the other of how much you care for them. I am so on board the together forever train! It's the best one to be on. ;)

I can just tell that whatever these two set their minds and hearts to, they will achieve it. This applies to their driven work ethic and their loving relationship with each other. Many warm wishes and blessings to the future Mr. and Mrs. Bailey! Thank you for allowing me to capture your precious love on video, Nora and Pat. #becomingbailey16  ❤️

Nora & Pat // Love Story Engagement Film Sneak Peek

Videography: Kemari Lyn Films
Full Film's Music Licensing done through: Songfreedom
{All Rights Reserved. Song Used By Permission.}
Full Film's Song: "Starts with a Breath" by Willis
Venue: Maclay Gardens {Tallahassee, Florida}
Wedding Date: December 17, 2016

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