Thanksgiving Camping Vacation // Charleston & Savannah // Florida Wedding Videographer

We went camping and city touring for our Thanksgiving weekend! 

Happy {pretty belated} Thanksgiving, friends! I'm thankful for so many things including my sweet hubby who took me on a surprise 3 night multi-city/state camping trip. Isn't that so awesome?! I was so incredibly happy to go on this fun adventure with my amazing husband. πŸ•πŸπŸ‚β€οΈβ›ΊοΈ 

Our Thanksgiving/Camping/Touring Trip Overview:

  • Leave from Tallahassee, FL

  • Travel through Jacksonville, FL

  • Travel through Georgia 

  • Stop, stay the night and visit the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia

  • Travel through Georgia and into South Carolina

  • Stop, stay the night and visit the lovely city of Charleston, South Carolina

  • Travel back to Tallahassee, FL 🌎

Jacob and I absolutely love going on trips and adventures {even just day trips}. We really love exploring new cities, nature sites, countries, anything! haha 🌎 Jacob is the planner when it comes to our trips. He doesn't ever let me have much knowledge about what we're doing until it happens, because he loves surprising me. And he's so good at it! He knows me so well and picks touring sites, overnight accommodations, restaurants, and activities that he knows we'll both enjoy. I love this so much about my husband! πŸ˜ He checks all the TripAdvisor recommendations, he looks on Google and other review sites to plan out our trips perfectly. Anyway, basically what I'm saying is that Jacob's awesome and he makes our adventures so much fun! β™₯️

Our first stop of our little adventure was to Savannah, Georgia. We camped out in Fort McAllister State Park for the night and watched the sunset there over the lake. It was a stunning site to see for sure! πŸŒ… We didn't get to stay there too long since our day the next morning would be packed with touring Historic Savannah. During the night though, we played card games for hours. Jacob taught me a new card game and I did actually beat him a couple times! haha ♣️ In the morning, we grabbed some coffee, ate some granola bars and hit the road to go to Historic Savannah. We went on a trolley tour around the city and learned about the sites as well as the city's history. For those of you who may not know, I'm a huge history buff, so I totally enjoyed this! πŸ˜„ After our tour, we walked around for a little bit and then ate at a cool joint called Zunzis. I'm a vegetarian and this yummy restaurant had several veggie options, including a delicious portobello sub (which is what I got). Thanks, babe, for always picking yummy vegetarian spots! πŸ˜‰ After we ate, we walked around near the shops for a bit, then got delicious ice cream from Leopold's. Let me tell you, this ice cream shop has been open for almost 100 years, and there ice cream is AMAZING! Seriously the best ice cream I've ever eaten...and I'm a total ice cream lover. πŸ¦ Afterwards, we walked around some more, listened to some beautiful musicians playing in the squares, and went back to the car to drive to South Carolina. 

Our next and last city stop of our trip was the beautiful Charleston in South Carolina. We made camp in Lake Aire Campground where we stayed for two nights. Again, Jacob and I played cards, snacked and made sure everything was ready for our next days adventure and touring. First stop in the morning in Charleston was a visit to the Angel Oak Tree. This tree is estimated to be 400-500 years old and stands 28 feet tall. It's seriously a massive and breathtaking tree! We took some photos of it there and just could not get how large it was haha It's crazy big! πŸŒ³ After our woodsy visit, we headed to the historic city to site see and join another tour. We took a carriage ride around the city as we learned about Charleston's history and its unfortunate involvement with slavery. Though a dark subject, it is necessary to learn about and to not downplay the events that occurred there. Later, we continued our site seeing on foot and went shopping for Christmas gifts at the shops and markets. At night, Jacob and I headed to another neat restaurant and then went to a silly and fun murder mystery theater show. We had several laughs there and finished out the night with another stroll through the city. Both Charleston and Savannah are such history rich and beautiful cities and I definitely encourage you to visit there someday! 

Take a look at some of out iPhone photos from our fun trip! :) 

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