We're Kemari & Jacob, a husband and wife wedding videography team based in Tampa and Orlando, Florida. Scroll down to check out more about us!


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Photos of us by: Red Fly Studio


I consider myself a joy seeking, flower obsessed, and dog loving person. I'm a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings, extremely spicy foods, natural light, fun colors, adventurous traveling, loving weddings, sweet animals, and floral hair clips. Speaking of which, you'll almost always catch me with a flower in my hair and/or floral patterns on my clothes. I'm not a good cook at all, but I love eating. I've been a vegetarian since I was seven when I discovered that a chicken (food) was a chicken (animal) and I was shocked haha. Honestly though, Ramen noodles and Thai food are my jam (spicy of course). I enjoy horseback riding, drawing & painting, laughing, and seeing people smile. I also love sitting on the couch with a glass of iced coffee (or wine) while watching Netflix with my hubby. By God's love and grace, I hope to bless others through personal connections and my filmmaking. I really love getting to know the couples I work with and building friendships with them. As your wedding videographer, it's my goal to not only create special wedding films for you, but also to be there for you as a friend!

My husband, Jacob, and I met in Tallahassee while we were sophomores in college at FSU. (Go Noles!) We were good friends for almost three years before we started dating our senior year. I tried to drop hints that I was interested in being more than friends, but it took him a while to catch on. After quite some time (at least it seemed like a while because I liked him first haha), we just knew we were supposed to be with each other. It felt so right and we were and still are so crazy about each other. We are so grateful for our friendship and marriage! Jacob is truly my best friend and my biggest supporter. I love him so much and I am incredibly thankful to have him by my side. He's my favorite person, my laughing buddy, my forever lover, and it's amazing to make wedding films together.

I am the lead videographer and editor for Kemari Lyn Films and I love filming weddings alongside my college sweetheart and husband, Jacob. I attended one of the nation's top film schools, the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Motion Picture Arts Production. Film school really was an invaluable experience and I loved being able to delve deeper into my craft there. Shortly after college graduation and while planning my own wedding, I realized that I didn't want to be away in different cities on different TV or movie sets all the time. I wanted to directly and positively impact people's lives and also be home with loved ones. I've always admired the wedding industry and I hold marriage so highly, so I decided to marry the two together (pun intended) and Kemari Lyn Films was born. I feel so blessed that I get to create films that tell the story of two people and their wild and deep love. 

Photo of Kemari by: Red Fly Studio


I love good music, yummy food, coffee, ultimate frisbee, and cats. Guitar is my favorite instrument, and I've been playing it for over a decade now. I also really like playing the mandolin and singing. I love planning and going on fun camping or city touring trips with Kemari. I do all the cooking in our house because Kemari seriously can't stand cooking. Food Network is my TV show station of choice and we always watch it when we eat dinner together. Since I have a background in music, I like being able to be a second pair of ears when it comes to the audio and music for wedding films. It is such a huge blessing to work alongside my wife to create your special films!

Photo of Jacob by: Sara Lynn Photography

About You

You are genuine, passionate, free spirited, and joyful. You are wildly in love with your spouse-to-be. You are sentimental, playful, adventurous, and unashamed of your unique quirks. You make each other laugh and you also take each other's breath away. You have a ton of inside jokes as well as a deeply rooted and unshakable relationship. You truly value the time spent with your future spouse, family, and friends. You two are best friends and you wholeheartedly want to spend the rest of your life by each other's side. You want a beautiful, unique, and memorable wedding day, but an even more beautiful, meaningful, and flourishing marriage.
If this sounds like you, we would love to film your wedding (and be your friends)!

“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times.”
―Ann Landers